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Community Programs
  We provide non-contract lawn maintenance programs for select communities with 25 or more homes. Programs prices for individual homeowners within the community start low as $16.00 per month to $72.00 per month. Which is available for 8,10 or 12 month periods. All homeowners within the select subdivision that's enrolled in the program will be charge the same price listed on the lawn care program pamphlet. This program also give Huge Savings for your H.O.A.
 Some of our current clients that are enrolled in the Community Lawn Maintenance Program have reported many big savings on their H.O.A landscapes cost . Homeowners in their community have been able to use their yearly dues on other advancement for their community
  Program Services Includes
2 Lawn Maintenance Services Per Month
Grass Mowed*Hedge Trimming*Edging
Driveways&Walkways Blown Off
**Bi-Weekly Services Only**
 Program Benefits-Free Lawn Treatments
Lawn Weeds & Fertilization Applications
**Front Lawn Only**
Community Program Savings Includes
Once the minimum number of required homeowners enrollment are enrolled in the community lawn maintenance program. The community front entrance, park areas, common areas and retention pond areas will receive free services during the program.
 Community Enrollment Sign-up
 **If you are a homeowner that is living within a community that we are currently running our Lawn Maintenance Program Special in and would like to enroll online please click here.** ↓↓